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Get Second Opinion on Air Conditioning ServiceRepairing or buying a new air conditioning system can be costly, with prices greatly varying from company to company. Smart customers are the ones that do the research to find a good price. After-all, everybody wants to save money if they can, right?

In HVAC and in general for any home services, researching and getting a good price can be difficult and can even sometimes cost you more money. Things like getting an AC technician quote, scheduling a home visit, asking opinions from different companies for a new system and dealing with sales people can be quite frustrating. This is why we offer you a convenient, no obligation, FREE Second Opinion. This allows you to tap into your years of knowledge and experience, so you can get the deal that’s best for your needs, without breaking the bank.
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We offer a free second opinion for the following services:

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In order to receive an exact estimate, please provide the most details possible, including the full project description, unit price, etc.

Here are some instructions to help you provide the best details:

For Air Conditioning Repair:

• What’s wrong with the machine? Please be specific.
• Does it need a replacement part? Do you know which one?
• Your AC unit brand (model if known)
• Price you received from other(s)

For Sales & Installation:

• Unit type
• Brand & model
• Price you received from other(s)

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